Organization Studies’s Updates

  • Systematic Inequality And Hierarchy In Faculty Hiring Networks

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile | Article Link | by Aaron Clauset, Samuel Arbesman, and Daniel B. Larremore

    Faculty hiring is a ubiquitous feature of academic disciplines, the result of which—who hires whose gradu..

  • Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace.

    Image courtesy of Pixabay | Article Link | by Lindsey Kaufman

    A year ago, my boss announced that our large New York ad agency would be moving to an open office. After nine years as a senior writer, I was forced to t..

  • 2015 Organization Conference Plenary Speaker Keith Merron Releases Book on Gender Intelligence | Book Link

    World-renowned experts on gender intelligence Keith Merron and Barbara Annis suggest it’s time to move beyond arguments based on politics and fairness, building an economic business case for gender diversity..

  • How to Structure Your Company's IT to Achieve Business Goals

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / Stux | Article Link | by James O'Brien

    Leadership shapes companies, one decision at a time — and leaders are making crucial choices in increasingly significant ways when it comes to the informa..

  • Pay Gap Is Smaller Than Ever, and Still Stubbornly Large

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / Jodylehigh | Article Link | by Claire Cain Miller

    The Census Bureau released new data Tuesday on the pay gap between men and women, showing a statistically insignificant increase. But the news i..

  • The Case For Letting Employees Choose Their Own Job Titles

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile / Puravida | Article Link | by Eric Jaffe

    It's not unusual these days to see people with unusual job titles. There's a Director of Chaos at Berkshire Hathaway and a Director of First Impre..

  • The Changing Face of Temporary Employment

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / geralt | Article Link | by Steven Greenhouse

    Temps aren’t just employees who sort mail and answer the boss’s phone.

    The work of temping has changed vastly — today 42 percent of temporary worke..

  • Companies with Benefits

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile / mconnors | Article Link | by James Surowiecki

    In recent years, Warby Parker has become the eyeglass-maker of choice for hipsters. In a recent GQ taxonomy of the different varieties of nerd,..

  • 5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / geralt | Article Link | by James O'Brien

    Five years isn't a long way away, but human-resources experts predict significant changes within the workforce over the next half-decade.

    A sizable sh..

  • The Woman Who Helped Define Facebook's Culture Explains How Startups Can Explain Who They Are

    Image courtesy of Magnus Manske / WikiMedia Commons | Article Link | by First Round Review

    When Molly Graham joined Facebook in 2008, the company still felt scrappy. With 400 employees serving 80 million users, people..