The Constructed Environment’s Updates

  • Caryn Brause - Winner of the International Award for Excellence for The International Journal of the Constructed Environment, Volume 7

    The Constructed Environment Research Network is pleased to announce the selection of “Strategic Additions: Reconsidering Architecture’s Stepchild,” Caryn Brause, as the winner of the International Award for Excellence for TheInternational Journal of...More

  • Mark Blizard Joins The Constructed Environment Advisory Board

    The Constructed Environment Advisory Board is honored to welcome our newest member - Mark Blizard

    Mark Blizard, a Graphic Designer and Registered Architect, is an Associate Professor and former Department Chair in the Department of Architectur...More

  • The Frank Gehry Story

    New York Books | Article Link | by Ingrid D. Rowland

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Artists are a biographer’s nightmare. The most important events in their lives are usually the ones that take place quietly, slowly, in the repetitive act...More

  • The Untold Story Of The ISS, The Most Complex Structure You'll Never Visit

    Fast CoDesign | Article Link | by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    "One of the pleasures of great works of architecture and engineering is that you can visit them," writes architect David Nixon. That's impossible for the In...More

  • Chinese Government Has Had It with “Oversized, Weird” Architecture

    Hyperallergic | Article Link | by Claire Voon

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Architects in China apparently need to tone down the quirkiness of their designs and quit erecting buildings that pass as giant pants, penises, and ancient coins...More

  • A New Old Story

    Cityscapes Digital | Article Link | by Vanessa Watson

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Urban design and architecturally-inspired visions of fantastical new cities of the future seem to be in fashion again. Not since the days of French architect Le C...More

  • In Memoriam: Important Buildings Lost in 2015

    CityLab | Article Link | by Kriston Capps

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Brutalism lost the good fight in 2015. One of its most important icons, the Orange County Government Center in Goshen, New York, fell to the wrecking ball this year...More

  • Should We Save Mid-Century Modern Icons That Hurt The Environment?

    Fast Co Design | Article Link | by James Timberlake

    Image courtesy of Morguefile

    Last week at the climate talks in Paris, world leaders committed a full day to discussing public policies and financial solutions to reduce carbon emissions withi...More

  • Urban jungle: wooden high-rises change city skylines as builders ditch concrete

    The Guardian | Article Link | by Melanie Sevcenko

    Image courtesy of Gratisography

    The concrete jungle has a rival: forests. Two urban building projects, in New York City and Portland, Oregon, will be changing their city’s skylines with an envi...More

  • Inside Lavasa, India's first entirely private city built from scratch

    The Guardian | Article Link | by Marr Kennard and Claire Provost

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    The All American Diner plays 1950s rock’n’roll through a tinny speaker, the retro booths are traditional red and the burgers are suitably over.....More