The Arts in Society’s Updates

  • 2017 Plenary Speaker - Carrie Noland

    The Twelfth International Conference on The Arts in Society is pleased to announce Carrie Noland as a 2017 Plenary Speaker.

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  • Sargent & His People

    John Singer Sargent: Albert Spencer, 1915 | Article Link | by Jean Strouse

    At the age of fifty-one, with his work in high demand on both sides of the Atlantic, John Singer Sargent swore off painting portraits. He had been eager..

  • 14 Young Power Players Set to Become the New Art World Aristocracy

    Image courtesy Keith Wildman under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license via Wikimedia Commons | Article Link 

    Everyone knows the big names that are driving and financing the international contempora..

  • On Elite Campuses, an Arts Race | Article Link | by James S. Russell

    Closed for six years, the Harvard Art Museums reopen here Sunday [16 November, 2014] after a radical overhaul by the architect Renzo Piano. He saved only the shell of the chaste, red-brick..

  • Get Real: Why Socialist Realist Painting Deserves Another Look

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Urek Meniashvili by CC BY-SA 3.0 | Article Link | by Agata Pyzik

    I have a confession to make. In the last few years I have acquired a morbid fascination with socialist realism ...More

  • Contemporary Art Sizzles in Shanghai: Power Station of Art Grows Up With a 10th Biennale

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Kimon Berlin by CC BY-SA 2.0 | Article Link | by Amy Qin

    Few knew what to expect of the Power Station of Art when it blew onto the contemporary art scene here in 2012. Just one year ea..

  • Why Banksy Is (Probably) a Woman

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Justinc by CC BY-SA 2.0 | Article Link | by Kriston Capps

    Banksy Does New York, a new documentary airing on HBO on Nov. 17, opens on a bunch of scofflaws trying to jack an inflatable w..

  • Ai Weiwei and the Fine Art of the Art Installation

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Gao Yuan | Article Link | by Mathangi Krishnamurthy

    As a rule, I am wary of art installations. I am never sure if the form they take bear any relation to the political content the..

  • Interactive Digital Media Art Survey: Key Findings and Observations

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / User:Wanted | Article Link | by Oya Rieger & Mickey Casad

    In February of 2013, Cornell University Library in collaboration with the Society for the Humanities began a two-yea..

  • In Ferry Deaths, a South Korean Tycoon’s Downfall

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Glabb | Article Link | by Choe Sang-Hun, Martin Fackler, Alison Leigh Cowan and Scott Sayare

    SEOUL, South Korea — After all the lavish galas in his honor at landmarks like the Lou..