Spaces and Flows’s Updates

  • 2018 Plenary Speaker - Melissa Butcher

    The Spaces and Flows: Ninth International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies is pleased to announce Melissa Butcher as a 2018 Plenary Speaker

    Want to learn more about the 2018 Conference? Click here...More

  • Annette Jacoby -Winner of the International Award for Excellence for Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Volume 7

    The Spaces & Flows Research Network is pleased to announce the selection of “Bangkok — A Place of Struggle and Spatial Restructuring,” Annette Jacoby, as the winner of the International Award for Excellence for Spaces and Flows: An International...More

  • A Playbook on the Politics of Better Streets

    CityLab | Article Link | by Richard Florida

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    During her tenure as New York City’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan oversaw the addition of 400 miles of new bike lanes, helped implement the nation’s larg...More

  • Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all

    The Guardian | Article Link | by Saskia Sassen

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Does the massive foreign and national corporate buying of urban buildings and land that took off after the 2008 crisis signal an emergent new phase in major cities? From...More

  • Reconnaissance: Inside the Panopticon

    Places Journal | Article Link | by Hillary Mushkin

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Mexico City’s C4I4 is a fantastically overdetermined work of architecture: a concrete bunker, three stories high, that resembles a row of giant surveillance...More

  • Are Schools Segregated Because Housing Is? It Ain’t Necessarily So

    The New School | Article Link | by Clara Hemphiill and Nicole Mader

    Image courtesy of Morguefile

    In multi-ethnic New York City, why are so many elementary schools segregated by race and class? For years, school officials and researchers have a...More

  • Where are the world's newest cities … and why do they all look the same?

    The Guardian | Article Link | by Adam Greenfield

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    At present we share our planet with some 7.5 billion other human beings, and as swollen as that number may already sound, it is projected to hit 10 billion before leve...More

  • China Cracks Down on Politically Incorrect Maps

    CityLab | Article Link | by Linda Poon

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    When it comes to maps, China isn’t messing around

    Starting next year, you don’t want to be caught with the “wrong” maps—that is, maps containing content “that endangers the co...More

  • The world wants more 'porous' cities – so why don't we build them?

    The Guardian | Article Link | by Richard Sennett

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Recently I tried to buy an iPhone in Nehru Place, an open-air electronics market in Delhi where goods that “happen to fall off a truck” are sold for 30%, 40%.....More

  • Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams

    New Republic | Article Link | by Monica Potts

    Image courtesy of Jay Mantri

    Sometime in July 2012, Suzan Russaw and her husband, James, received a letter from their landlord asking them to vacate their $800-a-month one-bedroom apartment in Palo...More