Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations’s Updates

Auto-biography in the making: A trip to the ivory tower?



This study is an autobiography in the making. And rightly so because an Auto-biography which is also academic study is not done overnight. Hence, the question mark and I must add, exclamation mark at the end of the title. This project is similar to studies that various academics have tried to do and were not quite satisfied with the outcome because it is an intricate endeavor.

It is about writing the self into research. It seeks answers to key questions such as: how is justice conceptualized in the academia? Is diversity a compelling interest in academia? What makes a minority faculty, successful in attaining their goals in traveling their various career trajectories? Are there some tactics for maneuvering and challenging the borders or status quo as we climb the academic ladder? A study such as this one will increase understanding of issues related to diversity, justice and ways of knowing.


The process of obtaining data and material will include mostly conversational interviews and questionnaires. Originally, I intended using ground theory but again, upon reflection and discussions with colleagues in the field, I have come to the conclusion that the best approach should be that of interviews both formal and informal as well as questionnaires.


The outcome of the study was intended to be an auto-biography but upon reflection and upon bouncing the idea off with fellow academics, close relatives, students and colleagues, I have come to refocus my direction on producing an autoethhno-biography – one that is not just auto-biography – about myself - but rather about the self and perspectives of the self as perceived by others. It will therefore include discussions that can very well be termed products of symbolic interaction/interactionism.

  • Sidonia Alenuma-Nimoh
  • Micheal M Van Wyk
  • Sidonia Alenuma-Nimoh