Phase 1 | Submission


The CGRN Journal Publishing team will evaluate your submission to determine if it meets the technical requirements and the journal's scope, concerns, and current needs. 

The technical requirements for manuscripts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Authorship: Submissions should be made by the Corresponding Author, who needs to have a completed CGScholar profile, including Micro-Bio, Affiliation, and Interests.
  • Word Count: Manuscripts must be between 4,000 and 8,000 words. The title, abstract, and references are not counted toward the final word count.
  • Scholarly Sources: References should contain an appropriate number of recent scholarly sources, defined as the following: a) an edited book; b) a peer-reviewed publication (book, journal, or other); c) an academic journal; and d) a university press publication (book, journal, or other). All sources must be included in the reference list and in the body text. Non-English references must include a translated title in brackets following the original language title.
  • Publication Ethics: Review all statements in the Publication Ethics Guide. Submissions must be original works that are not being considered for publication nor published elsewhere. No multiple, redundant, or concurrent submissions are allowed. Studies must comply with the Informed Consent for Human and Animal Rights statement. 
  • AI Tools: Studies must comply with the Policy on the Use of Generative AI and AI-assisted Technologies.
  • Fluency: Manuscripts must read fluently in English. They should be clear, concise, and accessible, and word choice should not reflect a conversational or relaxed dialogue. 
  • Anonymity: Submissions should not contain any instances of the author(s) names nor personal information. Please do not include a title page.
  • File Format: Manuscripts must be in .doc or .docx format. We do not accept PDF files.

To ensure your submission is a content fit, please review the scope and concerns of our Research Networks and journals to make an appropriate choice. Once ready, follow the step-by-step guide below to submit your manuscript to CGPublisher.

Step-by-Step Guide | Completing Submission

Step 1: Sign in to CGPublisher

Sign in to CGPublisher with your CGScholar account information. Need to create a CGScholar account? Cannot login to an existing CGScholar account?

Step 2: Start a New Submission

Once signed in to CGPublisher, select New Submission in the left-hand navigation. Review the “Author Statements,” and provide relevant manuscript information in the “Article Basics” section. If applicable, use the search function in the “Author/s” field to find co-authors by their email addresses. Co-authors must have an existing CGScholar profile. 

Step 3: Save and Submit

Once you have completed the New Submission form, click Save and Submit at the top of the page. You will receive an automatic confirmation email from CGPublisher. We recommend adding to your contacts/address book to ensure that messages are not sent to your spam or junk mail folders. All correspondence will be sent from this email.

The CGRN Journal Publishing Team will provide you with an update when your manuscript has completed the initial evaluation. You may be asked to make revisions if specific requirements have not been met, and your manuscript may be moved for consideration in a different Research Network or journal. Manuscripts that do not meet the needs or requirements of the journal will be withdrawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take for Phase 1 | Submission to be completed? We aim to complete the initial review within 14 days. Closely follow the initial submission requirements, as failure to do so is the most common cause of delays.

How long does it usually take for a manuscript to be published in one of your journals? In 2023, we averaged 235 days from the time of the initial submission to the day of publication.

Can you expedite my manuscript? We are unable to accommodate requests to expedite manuscripts. Manuscripts are evaluated in the order that they are received, and delays may occur depending on the subject matter, journal needs, editing requirements, etc. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Are your journals indexed in Scopus? Most of our journals are indexed in Scopus. Please consult the journal pages for all indexing information. 

Is there a submission or publication fee? There is no fee to submit a manuscript for consideration. Authors can submit a manuscript and be peer-reviewed at zero cost. Payment may be needed during Phase 3 | Rights Agreement depending on the desired publication model and membership and point availability. The Common Ground Author Fund Award is limited to a few waivers each year. 

Can I submit more than one manuscript to the same journal? Yes, but please note that we will not publish multiple articles by the same author in the same journal in the same year. If more than one of your manuscripts is accepted by the peer reviewers for the same journal, publication may need to wait for a future issue.

Can I submit my manuscript to multiple journals? Please do not submit the same manuscript to multiple journals. Redundant or concurrent submissions are not allowed. All CGRN journals have the same requirements. The CGRN Journal Publishing team will move your article for consideration in a different journal if it fits our needs. If your manuscript was withdrawn or rejected, submitting it to a different CGRN journal will not improve your chance of acceptance.

If my conference proposal was accepted, will my manuscript be published in a journal? You must submit your manuscript to CGPublisher using the guidelines and steps provided above. Your manuscript must abide by the journal requirements, which differ from the conference proposal requirements, and acceptance is not guaranteed. Please note that your manuscript may also be moved for consideration in a different network than the conference, as the journals’ scopes, concerns, and needs differ.

Why was my manuscript withdrawn or rejected? Your manuscript may be withdrawn or rejected if it does not meet our current needs or requirements. The CGRN Journal Publishing Team has final editorial discretion. 

Will all authors receive correspondence? The person who submits the manuscript to our system is labeled as the Corresponding Author. Only that person will receive correspondence regarding the status/progress of the manuscript. Please be aware that only the Corresponding Author will be able to receive correspondence, view the Works page, access all documents, etc. We are unable to change the Corresponding Author after submission.

How can I change the author order in CGPublisher? The author order listed in CGPublisher will not affect the final published author order; we will always defer to the author order displayed on your final version.

How do I add my co-authors? There are two ways to add co-authors: 

a. You can add your co-authors as you complete the New Submission form. You will not be able to add them if they do not have CGScholar profiles; please ask your co-authors to make CGScholar accounts and select the “Save as draft” button at the top of the form to save your progress if needed. 

b. You can add co-authors after submission by providing the names and email addresses to the CGRN Journal Publishing team using the Task / Query tab on your Works page. All co-authors need to have created a CGScholar profile in order to be added by our team.

How do I update my CGScholar Profile? Can you change my email, name, etc.? You can update all details in your CGScholar profile by going to your “Account Settings.”

How can I contact the CGRN Journal Publishing Team? You may communicate with a Publishing Admin using the Task / Query tab on your Works page.

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