This series contains all Learning by Design modules in History for students from preschool to grade 2.

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    My Memories, My Story

    Alyssa Audsley

    Lenita Lindeman

    Rita van Haren

    Hayley Hinde

    Sue Gorman

    Anthea Theodoridis

    Kylie Benning

    Dianna Resiak

    Ashleigh Brook

    Michelle Hodge

    Jocelyn James

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    Now and Then: Technology, Family Life, Place and Art

    Rita van Haren

    Tayla Zanotto

    Brooke Calvert

    Sue Gorman

    Tatum Child

    Michelle Cooper

    Trent Gavenlock

    Karla Russell

    Fiona D'Elboux

    David Livingstone

    Mike Aspden