Twelfth International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society

September 08 - 09, 2022

School of Human and Community Development, University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg, South Africa


Welcome to the micro-site for the Twelfth International Conference on Health, Wellness, & Society



Founded in 2011, the Health, Wellness, & Society Research Network is brought together by a common concern in the fields of human health and wellness, and in particular their social interconnections and implications. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. As a Research Network, we are defined by our scope and concerns and motivated to build strategies for action framed by our shared themes and tensions.


The Twelfth International Conference on Health, Wellness, & Society calls for research addressing the following annual themes and special focus:


  • 2022 Special Focus—Government and Society Collaborations: Responding to Pandemics

  • Theme 1: The Physiology, Kinesiology, and Psychology of Wellness in its Social Context  

  • Theme 2: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

  • Theme 3: Public Health Policies and Practices 

  • Theme 4: Health Promotion and Education


We are interested in the following lines of investigation:   


  • On the dimensions of wellness in body and mind.

  • On the systematic study of human health.

  • On community responsibilities to foster wellness and proactive health policies and practices.

  • On informal and formal health education.


Twelfth International Conference on Health, Wellness, & Society also supports a book imprint and a collection of journals.


We are working closely with our local partners and are in the process of considering how to create safe conditions for an in-person experience. We will work toward this goal for as long as it remains a viable option. At the same time, we are on the front foot -- offering all presenters the ability to prepare for the possible move online. And, with the completion of your Presenters Page digital media giving the pathway for a rich online experience. In the end, we believe that this kind of practice will be a part of a blended future. Again, we are doing all we can to meet in-person — because, we know how much that contact would mean. If we are forced to postpone, the online engagement will still go ahead, and your registration will allow you to join the conference in-person in a later year. This way we build for our Research Network Members flexible, and at the same time resilient, spaces for communication, engagement, and participation.