Social Media and the 2019 Presidential Election Campaign

By: Akhmad Firmannamal  

Conventionally, the news media had power to determine the public agenda. However, along with the social media rising and news media adapting in the digital landscape by getting hints from social media, the dynamic of agenda-setting is also changing. The ability to influence each other is a test of its importance in today’s media landscape, especially during the presidential election campaign. To date, studies that investigate the agenda-setting relations between the promising social media phenomenon and mainstream news media in digital era during the presidential election are rare, especially in the Indonesian context. While there are a growing number of studies that discuss the contemporary agenda setting, most of them have focused on the “producer” or “customer” point of view and emphasised whether agenda setting is still relevant and applicable in the era of social media. Yet, there are few studies that investigate news utility in agenda setting during the campaign. Therefore, this study argues that the Indonesian President who is social media savvy, Joko Widodo (also known as Jokowi) utilizes traditional news media and social media to construct an agenda to get re-elected for the 2019 election. This qualitative study involves participants from Indonesia government institutions and news media companies. It utilizes a multi-method approach including semi-structured interviews, textual analysis, and thematic analysis method to ensure most of the perspectives are covered in this project.

Agenda-Setting, President, Social Media, Election, Campaign, News Media, Qualitative, Indonesia
Media Technologies
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Akhmad Firmannamal

Head of Subdivision, Public Relations Department, Ministry of State Secretariat of The Republic of Indonesia

A public relations practitioner and visual communication expert with more than 10 years' experience in private and government institutions in Indonesia. Proficient at communicating and transforming business needs into robust and sustainable integrated communication solutions to meet the institutional objectives. Skilled in the management and execution of multiple projects running concurrently, and able to lead and foster internal or external teams. Excellent network across industries and institutions. Love to share both knowledge and professional experience. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD degree at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. My research topic is the role of social media for government communication strategies.