Effects of the Usage of Social Media on Political Socialization of Youth in Pakistan

By: Asim Razzaq  

Research was conducted to explore how much social media involved in engaging Pakistani adolescents towards political socialization. How they are participating and what impact of their participation is reflected in their political motivation, political behavior, and voting tendency? We estimated that social media played significant role in political socialization. To explore this prospect, Uses and Gratification school of thought were used in this research to question what are the purposes behind the use of social media and what urges youth to access them? This theory suggests that the usage of social media vary from user to user where everyone has a right to use these for their satisfaction. This study is grounded on quantitative analysis in which survey method is used with non-probability sampling technique and respondents have been selected through convenience sampling to obtain a representative sample by using a sound judgment. The study explored the usage of media by gender and purpose. Moreover, the relation between social media and political socialization is observed. Statistical tests are also applied on gathered data. It can be concluded that the usage of digital media in Pakistan politicize youth and that affects the voting behavior of its users. As Pakistan is not considered suitable for demonstrations due to internal threats that’s why individuals did not participate physically. Therefore, most of the users share their views online because it is convenient and the safest platform for them to reveal their experiences and concerns.

Adolescents, Political socialization, Political behavior Social media
Media Technologies
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Asim Razzaq

Instructor, Mass Communication, Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan
Punjab, Pakistan

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