Journal of Learning Design and Leadership: Subscription


The goal of the JLDL is to provide practical opportunities for graduate students and emerging scholars to apply principles of scholarly writing and peer review while engaging in a rigorous submission, review, revision, and selection process. The JLDL also provides this audience with opportunities to serve in various leadership and review and editorial-related capacities. JLDL is an open access, informal peer-reviewed, multimodal publication. It publishes pre-print or post-print articles multiple times a year online. JLDL seeks to publish thoughtful, well-researched pre-print literature reviews that engage contemporary education innovations, issues, and opportunities. These topics are relevant in formal or informal educational environments within P-12, higher education, the workplace, the community, families, and throughout our everyday lives. We are particularly interested in works that engage topics of learning design, educational technology, globalization, and learner diversity, and the intersection, manifestation, and innovation of these areas. Additionally, this journal publishes pre-print original case studies and educational technology evaluations that are supported by empirical data.