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Alice, Revolutionary Subject

Salvador Dali's Alice

From Brad Evans in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

"Alice in Wonderland is, to my mind, the most important and brilliant book of political theory ever written. It begins with Alice chasing a white rabbit who has no time for anything. Could there be a better metaphor for the contemporary moment than this? In Caroll’s Wonderland the nonsensical is the rule, the exception has become the norm. It’s a place full of injustice, where violence is arbitrary and power is unmediated. And let’s consider the Queen ... she utters therefore it’s true?

"But more important in this brilliantly crafted tale is Alice. She continually learns to see things from different perspectives. Indeed, this little girl is a real revolutionary subject in the most affirmative sense of the term. Alice doesn’t negate the world; she brings out its wonder. Alice doesn’t hide away; she resists what is patently intolerable. Alice doesn’t judge the strange fellows she meets on her journey; she accepts people for their differences."

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