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  • Postgraduate Researcher (Communication and Media Studies) at Queensland University of Technology. Living in Brisbane, Australia.


  • A public relations practitioner and visual communication expert with more than 10 years' experience in private and government institutions in Indonesia. Proficient at communicating and transforming business needs into robust and sustainable integrat...More


  • Ministry of State Secretariat of The Republic of Indonesia
    • Public Relations Department
    • Head of Subdivision
    • January 2008 to Present

    I am responsible for building and sustaining good relationships between The President/Vice President/Ministry of State Secretariat of Republic of Indonesia and its stakeholders through planned publicity campaigns and PR activities using a wide range of media.


  • Queensland University of Technology
    • Ph.D (student) in Communication and Media Studies
    • January 2017 to Present

    Also post graduate researcher at The QUT Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC) that conducts cutting-edge research that helps society understand and adapt to the changing digital media environment. It is a leading Australian centre for media and communication research, areas in which QUT has achieved the highest possible rankings in ERA, the national research quality assessment exercise. Our research programs address the challenges of digital media for journalism, public communication and democracy; the dynamics and regulatory challenges of emerging digital media economies; and the embedding of digital media technologies into the practices of everyday life. The DMRC has a particular focus on innovative digital methods for social and cultural research, including the analysis of ‘big social data’; is actively engaged with industry and the Asian region across all its research programs; and has a strong commitment to research training for academic and industry researchers alike.

  • The University of Queensland
    • Master of Communication
    • January 2011 to June 2012

    This field of study provides an in-depth understanding of communication for social change theory and practice. It will explore the different ways in which communication can be leveraged to bring about change in attitudes, behaviour and knowledge in individuals and communities. It will analyse the ways in which participation can make a difference in the planning, implementation and evaluation of development processes, the key role played by culture in social change, and contemporary uses of community media and ICTs in the facilitation of change. It is designed to strengthen critical skills, build capacities for work in the state, inter-governmental and NGO sectors, and build research excellence.