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  • A Researcher/student University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu


  • Am a senior Registrar in training in the Department of Community Medicine Universirty of Nigeria Teaching Hospital UNTH Enugu, Enugu State Nigeria and a researcher with Health Policy Research Group HPRG, College of medicine University of Nigeria Enu...More


    • July 2009 to Present

    As a senior Registrar in the Department of Community Medicine University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital UNTH Enugu, Enugu state Nigeria and a Researcher with Health Policy Research Group (HPRG), College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu campus for the past eight years, I have developed few skills and knowledge in Health policy and systems research, Impact evaluation of health interventions and Epidemiological control of infectious diseases which I intend to sharpen. Six years ago, I coordinated a World Bank supported project on establishing monitoring and evaluation systems for programmatic and timely data for the assessment of malaria control interventions in Nigeria. Our organization had the role of monitoring and evaluation project implementation facilitators (M&E PIFs) for the Anambra state malaria Control Booster Project (ANMCBP). My responsibilities included: • Training health workers from the state, local government and primary care facilities on the use of M&E tools for malaria control. The aim was to build the capacity of health workers on proper data management for decision making; • Health education on the control malaria and the use of RDT malaria kit, • Supportive supervision in M&E for the health workers; • Measuring impact of the training on health workers’ practice. I was also involved in a World Bank assisted project on Impact evaluation of malaria control interventions in Anambra state, Nigeria. In this project, an evaluation will be carried out to determine the causal impact of community-directed and facility-based interventions on malaria situation in the state. The effectiveness of these two interventions will be examined together and in isolation through a rigorous econometric analysis, and findings used to understand whether programs are generating intended effects, fill gaps in understanding what works and what does not and how measured changes in well-being can or cannot be attributed to particular interventions. I worked both as an enumerator and a data entry coordinator in the World Bank project listing of health facilities in Anambra state which will form the basis for the implementation of the community systems strengthening CSS component of malaria control booster project. This was an eventful research experience. I was also actively involved in EVAL–HEALTH project which aims to contribute to strengthening of M&E of European Union (EU) funded projects in developing countries by developing novel methodologies and tools for M&E in the health sector and RESYST project; Resilient and Responsive Health Systems (RESYST) and Related Research: A methodology for Communications and research uptake. I was involved in the document review and planning process in the two projects. I also participated actively in Research Economics of Artemisinin combination Therapy (REACT) project. This project was sponsored by Bill and Melinda gates with London School of Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) as principal investigator and aims to identify how best to optimize the delivery and cost effectiveness of Artemisinin Based Combination therapy (ACT antimalaria) for malaria in Enugu state, Nigeria. My role was as follows; • Lead in training of field workers. • Field co-coordinator in data collection, collation and analysis. • Involved in the literature review for Research on Economics of Artemisinin Combination Therapy [REACT]. • Lead in project implementation of REACT as site programme supervisor. • Developed standard operating procedures for REACT project quantitative and qualitative data collection. • Actively involved in the development of the protocol for the REACT qualitative survey • Lead in the piloting of the intervention design tools. • Quality assurance officer for LOT testing of malaria rapid diagnostic test kits (RDT kits). • Monitoring and evaluation officer for REACT project. • Lead in writing the report of the roll out of REACT provider intervention in Nigeria. I was also involved in the Consortium for Health Policy and System Analysis in Africa (CHEPSAA) project aimed at building the field of health policy and systems research and analysis (HPSA) in Africa. Specifically, CHEPSAA aims to increase sustainable African capacity to produce and use high quality health policy and systems analysis HPSA. My concern focuses on problems of medical care, organization, financing and administration in order to understand and improve the practice of health Care Management locally, nationally, and most recently globally. These areas I believe are neglected and must be tackled systematically and scientifically so as not to jeopardize the health systems if not completely run it down.





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