J. Kemi Ladeji-Osias’s Peers

  • Carlos Cortez

    Carlos Cortez

    Implemented and administer UTAH PREP, a Statewide STEM program designed to prepare students to pursue studies and careers in the STEM fields

  • Francisco Donoso-Maluf

    Francisco Donoso-Maluf

    Professor of Social Psychology, Universidad de La Serena, Chile. Research interests in religious issues, minorities, minority intellectuals.

  • Patricia Mikos

    Patricia Mikos

    Career Technology Education (CTE) Program Manager for Maryland State Department of Education

  • Rebecca Zarch

    Rebecca Zarch

    Evaluator of STEM education programs at SageFox Consulting Group.

  • Cindy Ziker

    Cindy Ziker

    I am a Senior Researcher in the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International, serving as the mini-backbone for the eSEM Project.