Anwarul Wadud’s Updates

Legal Aid System in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing democratic country of the world .In order to ensure access to justice to the poor and indigent people, the government of Bangladesh enacted the Legal Aid Service Act, 2000 (LASL). Legal aid is fundamental to social and collective justice. For all societies, the common denominator of gender is female subordination. In a democratic society all citizen have a right to access to justice and get fair trial. The constitution of the People Republic of Bangladesh 1972 has there theoretically ensured access to justice, fair trial, rule of law, fundamental rights, human right, equality before law, and equal protection of law, but due to financial crisis and ignorance of law, these constitutional protections have become a fake promise to the vast majority of the people.

In Bangladesh a vast majority of the people are living below the poverty line and they are arrogant about Law and Legal Aid although they are victim and aggrieved person. So they can’t go to the Court and it is the bar for ends of justice. Moreover seeking legal advice and going to the court are so critical and high costly so many people cannot even think about to go for court to get the justice. In such a scenario, as these people are mostly deprived from the minimum level of justice they are getting more vulnerable. Specially, women are more vulnerable as majority of woman are unemployed and light of education did not touch their life.