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  • Mexican, Psychological evaluator at Grandvision.



  • GrandVision
    • Human resources department
    • Psychological evaluator
    • January 2018 to Present

    Perform psychometric tests to applicants for a vacancy, interview and evaluate employees periodically to determine efficiency at work, introduce new employees to the company

  • Clínica una Nueva Visión
    • Mental health department
    • Clinical psychologist assistent
    • June 2014 to August 2017

    Provided care for severely emotionally disturbed patients, leaded group therapy sessions for patients with a history of substance abuse, performed psychological assessments including IQ and personality, consulted with primary care physicians, other medical specialists and families regarding comprehensive care goals and expectations for individual patients, attended conferences to learn and share information with other psychologist and doctors, interviewed families to identify their psychological needs and thaught them how to apply strategies in home.


  • UVM
    • bachelor in psychology