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  • Shannon Welch is a graduate candidate at Daniel Morgan Graduate School of Naitonal Security in Washington, D.C. She was undergraduate degree in Global Conflict, with a minor in Coastal Biology from Hood College. She focuses on Human Conflict Analysi...More


  • Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security
    • National Security
    • Graduate Candidate
    • Present


  • Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security
    • Masters of Arts
    • January 2019 to Present

    This program enhances students’ skills to anticipate the trends in the global environment; the short-and long-term aims, strategies, instruments and vulnerabilities of competitors; and to identify the resulting specific opportunities – in a given region or globally – to advance U.S. interests. The program will also cover U.S. government organizational and institutional arrangements and the authority of individual agencies to implement policy. In addition, the tensions between national security policy and practices and liberal democracy will be considered as well as how the U.S. and other democracies have sought to reconcile them.

  • Hood College
    • Bachelors of Arts
    • August 2013 to May 2017

    Working in partnership with many academic units of the College, the core purpose of the Global Studies major is fostering a greater understanding of the interrelationships between countries and cultures. In keeping with the traditions of a liberal arts education at Hood College, we expect our majors: To acquire an understanding of cultures that is multi-disciplinary and diachronic; to comprehend the interconnected socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of global transformation; to obtain competency in a foreign language; and to be exposed to the complexity of global relations through a study abroad experience or relevant internship experience.