Anastasia Jakubow-Rashtchian’s Updates

  • Automated Differentiated Instruction for the eLearning Platform

    (McCarthy 2010)

    As stated by John Macarthy (2010), in his Differentiated Instruction Toolbox, "Just about any strategy can be differentiated. What can make the processes effective is if student need is thoughtfully considered during the plannin...More

  • Adaptive Learning Analysis and Guidelines

    (Fleming, 2015)

    The Great Adaptive Learning Experiment

    According to John Waters (2014) in his article titled, “The Great Adaptive Learning Experiment”, points out the difference between personalized and adaptive learning. "Personalized learnin...More

  • The 4 V's in Big Data

    (IBM, 2011)

    I think we all can agree that there are benefits to big data, but it is fairly new and in its infancy so we are not sure yet about all its advantageous and disadvantages and are looking at its usage, accuracy, limitations, as well a...More

  • Pearson: The Goliath of Standardized Tests

    In an article by Sharon Lurye , titled, Concerns rising over Pearson, the company behind PARCC and other tests, “…five million kids in the United States, including New Jersey, will take a new standardized test -  the PARCC [Partnership for Asses...More

  • Standardized Tests and Certification Exams

    Frederick Kelly

    Along the lines with Sir Ken Robinson in his Changing Education Paradigm, in regards to the current educational model, “It grew out of the Industrial Revolution era where it was effective for the teaching of the masses. Conformi...More

  • Right-Brain Left Brain

    Left Brain, Right Brain

    Early in my career, I was at a seminar and a woman shared how when she added physical activity to her curriculum her students did better. For example she would have them dance the alphabet or clap out the spelling. This...More

  • Gender Bias in Teaching


    In this day and age it is hard to believe that there are still stereotypes regarding diminished capacities of girls

    “In a study done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, it was shown that teacher bias early in a girl's education can...More