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The Perfect Mistake

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Write a narrative about The Perfect Mistake. It can be based on a real or imaginary experience. Include at least one image to illustrate your narrative. Include your 5 word title. Write 500-600 words.

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Running. Tackled. Broken nose. Hospital

"Get him Kelsy, get him," everyone yelled at me. I'm running as fast as I can like a dog racing for that bouncy tenis ball. I am one tiny step away from tackling number thirty-nine, their best player.

I reached for the player but missed on my first try. I tried again with all my might and "SMACK"! I got him by the shirt, pulled myself in and tackled him to the ground. He toppled on top of me with a big " BANG". I heard a pop, I didn't know if it was me or him. I started to worry because my nose started bleeding and I have never had a blood nose before. 

My coach, Steve, took me off and first aid came to take a look. First aid asked me, "Do you remember what happened? "Where does it hurt"? I didn't respond.

Mum and dad came over with a worried face. They asked the first aid man, "Why does her nose look like a purple blueberry?" 

The first aid man replied with, "Well her nose is swelling up and won't get better until you take her to the hospital."

After mum and dad heard that, they rushed me to the emergency room in the hospital. We took a seat and waited for a couple of minutes until a doctor yelled out, " Kelsey Mac, Kelsey Mac."

We went into our room and took a seat. The doctor took a look and said, "We will need to do an x-ray to see if it is fractured. At that point I realised it was serious. I sat down at the front of the x-ray, closed my eyes, and click. I looked at the computer screen with the photo. Mum and dad looked at me with a sad face and said, ".......... your nose is broken."