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The Day I Will Never Forget

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Write a narrative about an unforgettable experience or event. It can be based on a real or imaginary experience. Include at least one image to illustrate your narrative.

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Prison.Illusion.End universe

I was walking into the maximum security containment unit to check on the Prisoner. He seemed fine so I walked out of the quad door, it locked behind me with a *Clunk*. But little did I know by dismissing him as "fine" I probably just sealed the fate of the whole universe.

I felt like the day had gone faster than it should have. The sun started setting at 1:20 which was much earlier than it usually sets. This is bad, something has happened to the time cycle. So I decided to go and check on the 'Prisoner' again. He was sitting in the exact position, then the lunch bell rang but he just sat there.......

"Get up you failure of life!" I yelled, but something was wrong. I went in his cell and... it was a cardboard cutout, with a hole in the wall behind it!

The sirens screeched from the tower. We began our mass search for him, we searched every country, every continent but we found no trace of him. However, we found new developments on the moon so we sent a rover there and we found him, launching a grappling hook onto the earth. He used some sort of rocket propulsion to propel the hook. That's why the day went faster.

We sent some super troopers to the moon to apprehend the 'Prisoner' and to stop him from completing his plan of using the earth as a projectile and destroying the solar system with it. The super troopers arrived and confronted the target,

"Get him, men!" The Sergeant screamed. They all charged at him but they failed because they were not strong enough, powerful enough or intelligent enough!

Next, we sent an army towards his location and that failed! So we sent a gravitizer to him and now we have him stuck to a magnet. So now we sent another army to defeat him worked! The Earth was finally free from certain doom!