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The Day I Will Never Forget

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Write a narrative about an unforgettable experience or event. It can be based on a real or imaginary experience. Include at least one image to illustrate your narrative.

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Me jewellery. Jealous.People.Friends

The one thing I love is jewellery and jewellery is a way I can make friends because I have no friends. I'v always been lonley,eating my lunch by myself, playing by myself and talking to myself Is all lonley.So I have decided to make friends I have always wanted to make friends with this group of girls and there names are Riana,Seinna and Katrina so I am going too try to make friends with them first. OK, it's lunch so I am going to tell them. I walked up to them and said "Hi my name Is tiana and I would like to be your friends so heres some necklesses or braclets and different types of jewellery If you want to make friends with me".

They said "We don't know If we want to be your friend or not so can we just have some time to think please" I was sure they wanted to be my friend well then I would have to wait longer.I think It's beause they are jealouse and they think I am tricking them about the jewellery. I have to tell them the truth but there is one problem they might not want to talk to me. I will try, listen to me girls I walked up to them and said "I am not lieing to you believe me please"

and then the girls just walked off I think they don't believe me! I need to prove that I am not lieing this Is going to be touf because It takes a lot of work to prove to those girls things. I am worried If they don't believe me. hopfully they believe me, the bell rang so lunch Is over. when we were In class the girls were looking at me It looks like they believe me! when we were doing group of four work the girls chose me! I was so happy, I think they want to be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was reses and the girls walked up to me and said "ofcors we beleive you wewere a little jealous but not any more!"

we became a group of four friends!

THE END!!!!!