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Ban it!

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What do you think should be banned? Write a persuasive text where you give reasons and evidence with examples for your opinion. Include persuasive techniques and an image to  make your writing even more persuasive and interesting.

Icon for We should ban plastic bags

We should ban plastic bags

Did you know that over 1 million plastic bags are used every single day? Proberly not, so we need  to ban them NOW because they are not good for the world or for our poor hungry animals. :(

 Firstly, we should ban plastic bags because they are killing the envierment. For exemple,animals are eating the plastic bags and are dieing from them. BAN PLATIC BAGS!!!

Secondly, animals are eating the bags and geting sick from them. For exemple,turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish and are eating them. BAN PLASTIC BAGS!!!

Finerly, baning plastic bags will help our poor hungry animals. For exemple, whiled animals can eat the bags and think that they are other animals to eat, like fish a swept up on a beach. BAN PLASTIC BAGS!!!

On the other hand, if we did not help the animals most of them would be dead and we would not have milk from cows or bacon from pigs, wool from sheep or eggs from chickens or meat to eat.

In conclusion, We should ban plastic bags or ELSE!!!! SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS!!!