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Ban it!

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What do you think should be banned? Write a persuasive text where you give reasons and evidence with examples for your opinion. Include persuasive techniques and an image to  make your writing even more persuasive and interesting.

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No more funny videos of animals

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P. Making funny videos of animals is mean and cruel and it should be banned. You can still make funny videos by your self. Not the animal's. The animals could hurt themselves or worse they could die!!! would you like to see that?

E1. Firstly banning funny videos of animals. Can save their lives dangerous. For example ome of the animals could get a heart attack and attack you I would. Would you?! look at this picture. Say no to funny animal videos.!


E2. Next is that animals are be pets not videos rock stars. They should be free in the house or your backyard not your prisoner! For example when I first saw a funny video of animals I didn't realise that It was a problem. Until 6/3/19 at 7:00pm.!

Say no to funny animal videos.!

E3. Another reason for banning funny videos of animals is. That I would be a pet and my owoner's recorded me doing something. Silly or wird. ATTACK!!

Say no to funny animal videos!!

EO. On the other hand, some people say that funny videos of animals should not be banned because it makes them happy when their feeling sad or in a bad mood and can't help them selves to watch a funny animal video but you can search up funny videos of people.


C. In conclusion, banning funny videos of animals will definitely save animals lives in funny videos of animals. Ban funny videos of animals! Ban funny videos of animals to save their little lives ban funny videos of animals for the  future.