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What do you think should be banned? Write a persuasive text where you give reasons and evidence with examples for your opinion. Include persuasive techniques and an image to  make your writing even more persuasive and interesting.

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War Has To Be Banned!

Did you know that war and world war has killed over 100 million people? War is bad because It kills other people, It makes other countries angry, and it makes others feel sad if their family members die in war. These are some reasons why war should be ban.

Firstly, war has killed over 100 million people and that is absolutely horrible. They risk their lives for us and our country. For example, 108 million people have died in wars. Say no to war!

 Another reason I want all wars to be ban is that people should have to live in peace and not fight over what is the best country, it really doesn't matter what country is the best. For example, countries are all the same, with people in it, plants in it, animals in it. All the same! Say no to war!

In addition, if your family members go to war and die it is sad. You lost someone special to you, and that just puts you in misery. For example, my great grandpa served in a war, and this is how I felt. Say no to war!

Though war is bad, other countries might fight over things that are not important, but I want them to figure it out nicely, not with war and agree on something together. For example, North Korea and South Korea presidents shook hands and tried to make an agreement to stop fighting. Say yes to agreeing on things together! 

In conclusion, war has killed over a 100 million people (to be precise 108 million people died,) I want people to live in peace and not fight over countries, I don't want others to be sad because family members died in war, but through war is bad, other countries might fight over things that are not important, but they should figure it out nicely. Save others from getting killed. Save other families from being sad. Agree to things instead of fighting. BAN WAR!