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What do you think should be banned? Write a persuasive text where you give reasons and evidence with examples for your opinion. Include persuasive techniques and an image to  make your writing even more persuasive and interesting.

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Wy bullying should be band.

Wy you should not be a bully

Have you ever been bullied? Bullies are everywhere in schools in shops even in your neighbourhood and it's getting out of control because they use a miss use of power they take advantage of others and they try to hurt you in any way they can. 


Ferstly power is all ways gained from you being intimidating or from you being strong or having lots of friends or from having a important title behind you and when someone uses power in the wrong way eg:giving a fret to someone with less power or making fun of someone with less power they are miss using power and if they do it more than ones to the same person they are bullying.

Secondly when I was in kindie my friend Kit started bullying me but he did not do it on his own he got another bully to help him.Bullies have 1 or more people helping them but just because there helping make the problem that does not mean they chouse to do so because some bully's force others with power to be by their side but sometimes other bullys teem up with them as well.Bullys yous others to their advantage so they look more intimidating.

Bully information

Thirdly bullies can bully others in 4 diffrent ways.Way1:Cyber.Cyber is on the internet by sending mean messages and pictures but this is preventibul by keeping all your paswords and usernames secret and by blocking and reporting anyone who cyber bully's you.Way2:Physical.Physical is if a bully is bullying you by punching and kicking this is what happened to me ones a grope of bullys surrounded me and pummeled me if this is happening to you seek help from you parents and ceres.Way3:Social.Social bullying is Lying, spreading rumours, playing horrible jokes, leaving someone out on purpose, embarrassing someone in public if this is happening tell an adult that you trust.Way4:Verbal.Verbal bullying is Name calling, teasing, putting someone down, threatening to cause someone harm if this is something your experiencing seek help from your parents.

No bullying

On the other hand some people might say that you can't control bullying but law and education plus punishment for breaking rules are there to prevent bullying from beginning in anyone in the first place.

So in conclusion join in and help out stop bully's from using power in the wrong way stop them from takeing advantage of others stop them from hurting others.BAN BULLYING FOR THE KIDS!BAN BULLYING FOR THE ADULTS! BAN BULLYING FOR EVERYONE!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :).