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What do you think should be banned? Write a persuasive text where you give reasons and evidence with examples for your opinion. Include persuasive techniques and an image to  make your writing even more persuasive and interesting.

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Homework should be banned

Did you know that 70 percent of kids get stressed from homework? Homework is a horrible task that teachers put on kids. Some reasons are: Homework is extremely stressful for kid and parents, the deadlines are malicious and it stops kids from exercising. On the other hand, some kids may be benefited because of homework but we can dismiss that because the negative outweighs the positives. Say No To Homework!

Did you know that homework can be super straining to parents and even kids? homework puts lots of stress on people and encourages teaching in non-imaginative ways. Furthermore, Homework is an extremely stressful activity because it causes students (and teachers) and an extreme amount of stress and sadness. Say No To Homework!

As you can see, homework causes stress the most out of everything

In addition, deadlines are a super bad problem for kids because it makes them anxious and scared to finish it because of the anxiety of being wrong and not getting good results. Deadlines could also produce stress and you can also become sweaty with nervousness. Say No To Homework!

Kids can get scared to submit a piece of homework

Next, the amount of time that homework takes can affect even exercise! Research proves that some kids have gotten obese because of constant homework and stress for school-related purposes (mostly boys). Also, the reason why kids gain weight from homework is that the strain of homework to parents make them think that fast food will be a better alternative. To add, homework can also make you lose weight and not just gain weight because of the lack of sleep. Say No To Homework!

The time homework takes will effect exercise

Despite all the good reasons, there are some negatives reasons such as homework might be helpful for some people that like straining work and likes trying to do things in non-imaginative ways. But there are more positives than negatives so the negatives get completely outclassed by the positives. Say No To Homework!

As you can see some kids enjoy homework

To Conclude, there are many different reasons why homework should without a doubt indefinitely be banned. To restate these reasons are homework puts a disgusting and definitely not friendly stress on parents and kids, Homework has horrible deadlines, and finally, homework can make kids (and even parents) lose or gain lots of weight.