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Fortnite Persuasive Text

Fortnite is the best free to play game in the world. Fortnite is the best game because it has different game modes, it's really challenging, there are different seasons and there are lots of updates. However, there are a couple of reasons why some people think Fortnite is bad.

Firstly, Fortnite is the best game because it has different game modes. The first mode is a Battle Royale PvP and one is a co-op mode. The Battle Royale one is 100 player Battle Royale which is the last one standing. There are also lots of cosmetics like skins, dance moves, spray paints and pickaxes. You could also by in-app purchases for the other game mode. The next game mode is called Fortnite Save The World. This game mode is a co-op PvE zombie game where you team up with your friends and fight zombies. There is also a skill tree and different heroes you can be. The ninja is a very popular one. It can do lots of good stuff and its special ability is to dash forward with your sword out and you kill lots of zombies. Of course, it has other heroes or it will be really boring. This is still a really fun game mode.

Fortnite Save The World Zombies

In Fortnite Battle Royale, there are multiple game modes. The basic game modes are Solo, Duos, Squads and Arena Duos and solo (sometimes there are arena trios). Basically, all the time there are 1-3 limited-time game modes that you can play. One of the limited-time modes is playground. Playground is probably the most popular game mode in fortnite because you can fight your friends in 1-4 players private games! Also, playground goes for one hour. There are also lots of other awesome game modes.

Another reason is Fortnite is really challenging because it's a 100 player Battle Royale and it's really hard to win. You need to choose the right thing to do like where to move or if you want to rush someone.

In addition, Fortnite has different seasons. Different seasons come out every 70 days in Fortnite. The seasons have a Battle Pass which has exclusive cosmetics that you can get. You need to spend 950 vbucks to get the Battle Pass and as you know vbucks cost money. The really cool thing is there is a free pass in Fortnite so you can get exclusive cosmetics too. The bad thing is that you barely get any good things in the free pass. Also, if you have the Battle Pass, you get the free pass rewards. You have to earn tiers and the way to do that is you have to get 10 battle pass stars per tier. All of the time there are 100 tiers in each Battle Pass.

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Sometimes, Fortnite can be bad because some children will spend their parent's money. Another negative thing about Fortnite is some kids might get really mad and break their computers or whatever they play Fortnite on.

In conclusion, Fortnite is the best because it has different game modes, it's challenging and it has lots of updates. Even though it has a couple bad things about Fortnite it is still the best game ever!

  • Rhyse Parascos