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My Best Ever Narrative

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Write a narrative on a topic of your choice. You can use the images in Update 3 to inspire you. Check the rubric to make sure this is your best ever narrative. Write 400 - 500 words. Include an image to add more meaning to your writing and engage your readers even more.

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The Legend of Jack the Ripper

One day in the medieval times there were two little girls called Molly and Jennie and they were twins. But their mother and father sadly both died by one of the most ferocious murderers with an alias of Jack the Ripper. They had no idea who the real killer actually was so they made a quest to find their parents' killer and also send them to jail or kill him or her. First, they when to a broken alleyway because that's when they last found him but that time they ran away because they were only about seven or eight. This time they were not going to run away like babies but they were going to face Jack and attack him with everything they had.

When they were in the alleyway they searched for Jack but he was nowhere to be seen. Then suddenly Jack jumped at Molly and Jennie from out of nowhere and it seemed that Jack heard them talking about him so he had to put an end to this. First Jack swiped at the two girls by swinging ferociously with an extremely sharpened sword. But luckily most of Jack's blows missed and then they escaped with only a couple of scratches and bruises.

"Why did we try and go in to attack Jack when we were unarmed?" said Molly, feeling extremely exhausted and tired,

"I have no idea. We probably got so heated we forgot to equip ourselves with some decent armour and weapons," replied Jennie, struggling for air.

"Ok now we need to go to an armoury and gear up for our next fight against Jack the Ripper," said Molly. (2 hours later).

"Ok we are now geared up for the final fight against that fiendish murderer and we are going to avenge our beloved parents," said Jennie.

Molly and Jennie were heading back to the back alleyway when they fought Jack the first time. When they arrived this time they saw Jack straight away but this time they both stayed calm and they didn't let their rage and anger get the best of them. First Molly started swinging at Jack with a very nimble ninja sword but Jack dodged most of them, except for one blow that hit Jack and sent him flying. Then Jennie went in and then Molly and Jennie did a very strong coordinated attack with lots of different blows that were all lethal.

After that attack, Jack had been defeated (and killed) so then Molly and Jennie went to their mother's and father's grave and said in a low voice "We have avenged you, mum and dad. We wish you the best in heaven."