Rita van Haren’s Peers

  • Julie Arnold

    Julie Arnold

    Head of English and Literacy at Corinda State High School in Queensland, Australia.

  • Mark Bassett

    Mark Bassett

    Go Slow! I am a retired English and LOTE teacher now casual teaching in Canberra and finding it very hard to get ACTTQI accredited PL hours.

  • Shannon Beck

    Shannon Beck

    English teacher, mother, quilter, avid reader, novice vegetable gardener.

  • Ali Ben Ali Hadded

    Ali Ben Ali Hadded

    Chef service de l'information et des programmes sanitaires dont le PNEV

  • Jason Berg

    Jason Berg

    Account Executive for Scholar and foodie living in Urbana, IL

  • Ann Bounds

    Ann Bounds

    Educator exploring the heart of learning

  • Barbara Ann Brown

    Barbara Ann Brown

    Community development experience-all social responsibility focused & deliberative democracy oriented. LSi Scholar Apprentice graduate.

  • Jenny Buckworth

    Jenny Buckworth

    Darwin (Australia) -based academic at Charles Darwin University. Major involvement is research in initial teacher education and practicum

  • Ana Calazans da Rosa

    Ana Calazans da Rosa

    PhD student in Applied Linguistics at University of Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil). Currently I'm a visiting scholar at UIUC.