Rita van Haren’s Communities

  • Win18_Phil302 Cyberethics

    Win18_Phil302 Cyberethics

    This is a community set up for students enrolled in Philosophy 302 at Sonoma State University for the winter session of 2018

  • e-Learning Ecologies MOOC

    e-Learning Ecologies MOOC

    An introduction to innovative approaches to learning and teaching, with a focus on the use of e-learning and social web technologies.

  • e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies

    e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies

    Welcome to the e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies Research Network!

  • The Learner

    The Learner

    Welcome to The Learner Research Network!

  • The Arts in Society

    The Arts in Society

    Welcome to the Arts in Society Research Network!

  • CGScholar User Group

    CGScholar User Group

    A community devoted to using the Scholar social knowledge environment.

  • New Learning

    New Learning

    Transformational Designs for Pedagogy and Assessment

  • e-Learning Ecologies Case Studies

    e-Learning Ecologies Case Studies

    Exploring the affordances e-learning environments. How they might be powerfully innovative—even transformative—knowledge spaces.

  • Letramentos


    Literacies: Reconstructing Meaning in Education, Universidade de São Paulo, March 2013, and ICCAL Brasilia, October 2015

  • Learning by Design

    Learning by Design

    A community of educators developing and implementing curriculum that uses the 'Learning by Design' or Multiliteracies pedagogy