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  • I am Founder Director of Third World Resources, Energy & Environment Centre - TWREEC active from 1990 and located at Sialkot - Pakistan..



  • TWREEC, Founder Director
    • CCM and CCA
    • Climate Change Expert
    • August 1990 to Present

    Prior to establishing TWREEC at birth place in homeland Pakistan and during its functional period I served oil and gas onshore/offshore sector nationally and internationally as employee and as consultant. This decades long professional hydrocarbon exposure coupled with unique combination of chemical and environmental university educational degrees have enabled me to viably respond CCS and DAC being irrelevantly emphasized globally at trillions of dollar CAPEX/OPEX in aimless direction within 17SDG2030 schedule. Soil is the only intact carbon sink which can be sustainably availed for CCS-DAC-CCA-SDG as 4-in-1 affordable solution in every country irrespective of being rich or poor.


  • AIT, Bangkok - Thailand
    • M.E. Environmental Engineering
    • September 1978 to May 1980

    Specialization in water and wastewater the two key spheres of CCA and CCM along with rigorous comprehension of air, marine and land pollution abatement/combat. Terrestrial and oceanic ecosystem protection, preservation and promotion.

  • UET Lahore - Pakistan
    • B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
    • September 1968 to August 1972

    Chemical engineering with specialization in gas engineering vital for GHG emission control.