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Slappy New Year 2

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Slappy New Year 2

It was a happy new year's eve for Beth and Max who were sitting around the fire enjoying some hot chocolate made by their mother. Until BANG!!!!!! The door flew open and in came their Dad. He was carrying a wooden box that looked like it had come from the side of the snowy road. He gave it to Beth for a present because Max got money to go with his friends yesterday.

Beth opened it up and she saw a dummy. "Thank you, but what should I name it? asked Beth.

"You should name it Slappy because he might like slapping people," said Max, trying to make a joke.

"That's not funny," said Beth angrily.

That night Slappy came to life and was walking the corridors. He even went into Max's room and stared at him for long time and the same to Beth. Then he struck the kitchen and he pulled out all of the jam. Then he started to walk but he tripped and fell, and then the jam went all over the floor and over Slappy. The childen heard it and woke up and went to the kitchen to investigate. What they saw was a big mess.

"Oh no!" said Beth. "All the jam is split over all of my new dummy and the floor. Mother will be so angry if we don't clean it up."

"How are we supposed to clean all of this mess up before morning and mother wakes up?" said Max.

So we worked together so it would be clean before morning. All night they scrubbed as hard as they could and by morning there were only stains left on the floor. But why would Slappy make such a big mess? Who knows? 

"What are those distgusting stans on then floor?" said mother when she woke up to see the children asleep on the floor.

"Hey mum ...... can we get rid of my dummy because it has jam all over it please?" said Beth.

"Of course. Nobody wants a sticky dummy," said mother.

"Yay because I don't want a sticky dummy," said Beth.

  • Keira Reardon