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How To Play Handball

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How To Play Handball


  • A Rubber Bouncy Ball


  • Handball Squares (Can be made with chalk)
  • 1, 3 or more people to play with


  1. Get your Handball out and go to your squares.
  2. You and the people who are playing with you get in a Square each. If there are more then 3 people who are playing with you, they will go outside the squares.
  3. You will say which square is which. The names are Kings, Queens, Ace and Duds.
  4. If you own the Handball, you will be in Kings and you will say where everyone else goes. You also need to assign the people outside of the squares and they can be called, next on, second on, third on and so on.
  5. Explain to your friends that when you are in Kings you serve to the person who says decent first. When you are in Queens you are the square before Kings, Ace is the Square before Queens and Duds is before Ace.
  6. When you get out in Kings, Queens and Ace, you move to Duds and if you're under the square that gets out, you move up a square and the person who got out will move to Duds.
  7. If Duds gets out, the person who is next on (if there is a person next on) will be in duds and the game just keeps on going like that.


Since you know how to play Handball now you need to learn the rules to play.

  • If you hit the ball twice you are out.
  • You have to hit the ball so it bounces in your square once and the other persons square once. If you don’t hit it in your square it’s a False and if it doesn’t touch their square it’s an out.
  • If you grab the ball it’s Grabs and your out.
  • If someone gets out by breaking one of the rules and someone else hits it without the person moving squares that persons out.
  • If you hit the ball outside of the square your out.
  • If Kings is surving to someone and he gets it out of the square when he survs, he gets a redo so he gets another try.
  • Rhyse Parascos