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Cold Blooded

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Cold Blooded

The horror story by D.K Urbaniak

I am the one who looks upon you from the ceiling vent, the one who makes your dreams happen. I am Cold Blooded!

 I was in the streets. It was storming and I didn't have an umbrella, so I stood under someone's deck. I was little when my parents lost me. I was only two and I was playing a running (crawling) game with Mum and Dad. The door was wide open and I crawled out. They couldn't find me. They are probably still searching. I am four years old now. I survived because of a black shadow that I see every night. The shadow gives me food and drink so I can survive.

Wait... who are those people? MUM AND DAD? IT IS! I ran and got to them! "Mum, Dad, It's me!" I said in a sad and happy voice.

"SON?" They said at the same time. Then they stopped and tried to remember.... "SON!" They called and gave me a hug. I told them the whole story. Then they put me to bed.

The next day I woke up at 5:30, which is strange because I would usually wake up at 6:30. Well, then early breakfast! I said good morning to Mum and Dad... they didn't respond. I said it one more time... "AAAAAHHH"! I called, screaming my head off. "WHO ARE YOU?" I screamed.

"I am the one who looks upon you from the ceiling vent, the one who makes your dreams happen. I am Cold Blooded!" 

I ran out of the house! I found a payphone, put 50 cents in and dialled 000. I told them that a creepy stranger was in my house. They thought I was prank calling them and hung up. I dialled 000 again, they didn't respond! Then the stranger appeared from nowhere! "I'm NOT a stranger, I'm Cold Blooded! I have captured your parents and now I'll capture you! HA HA HA HA!" Then, Cold Blooded waved his hand... I disappeared!

I went to a dark place, I felt... cold. I saw a blanket so I picked it up and covered myself with it. I still felt cold. I stood up to look around. All I saw was darkness untill... FLASH! I saw light! In a human figure shape? "WHO'S THERE?"

 "So, you're feeling cold?" said the flash of light. It stepped closer.. ...It was Cold Blooded! I WAS COLD BLOODED! That was why I was felling so cold.

"Why? Why Cold Blooded?"

"NOW YOU SEE HOW I FEEL! For years I have been the odd human! No one Liked me that I was different! Here's how I feel."

He stabbed me! But I got up! I picked up the knife and stabbed him. Cold Blooded took his hood off..... IT WAS ME BUT OLDER! "Why did you do this? How are you even alive?" I asked.

Cold Blooded whispered, "I have been your future self, the protector of you. For years I have been watching upon you. I was the black shadow that helped you survive."

"Then why did you stab me?" I asked. "I was forced to do those things like scaring and stabbing. Once you get cold blood you can't help it. Take care of your self."

"Ehh?" HE DIED! Now I'm going to be controlled!

Stay tuned for Cold Blooded 2.

  • Dominik Urbaniak