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It all started at Emma's Nan's house. It was big as a mansion. She was looking for a game to play. She found a magazine in the basement and it was called, that's right you guessed it, HORROR LAND! Emma said to her Nan, "Can I go to Horrorland?"

"It's too scary," the nan said!

"But It's my birthday. I'm ten."

The Nan said, "I know it's your birthday but it's still a big fat NO! "

"Ok," says Emma. But then her life turned upside down. She said to herself, "Ever since my mum and dad died, I feel so lonely. My nan can't get me in school as she doesn't have much money!"

Every time in the middle of the night she heard foot steps coming after her. She ran and hid under her bed. When she heard no more foot steps she climbed down her windo. While she was climbing out, she put music on and it was called monsterl! Her Nan was fast asleep.

Emma was worried about her Nan . She walked outside and Emma felt cold. It was so windy even Emma's headphones came of. She ran down to the forest to get them back. She was scared that night .She saw a picture of her mum and dad on a box - Jonn and Bella.

Emma opened the box and saw a doll that looked creepy!! It said the doll's name is Dieanna. She put her back in the box and she  picked up my headphones and left the box. When she went to Horrorland, it was abandoned for 10000 years. So Emma went home and climbed back in the window. Emma went back to sleep.


Emma woke up on the bed but saw the box from last night in shock. She pinched her arm as hard as she could. Emma still thought it was a dream! She pinched herself again but it wasn't a dream. Emma ran to her nan but she was gone. Emma was looking everywhere but still no nan to be found. Emma looked in the box - nothing there. She was very scared. Emma looked in the basment and she saw her nan was flat on the ground.The nan had a wind up piece in her hand.

Emma called the cops. Emma was crying. Emma turned around and saw the doll standing in the background staring at Emma! The doll said, "Give it to me!"

Emma said, "what do you want?" 

"The wound up piece!!"

Emma said, "What do you want with it?"

The doll spun slowly to show Emma her back. Something was missing. It looked like she was missing something.The doll said, "You're dead! HAHAHAHA"

Emma's Nan said, "Don't let her take it!!"

Is this the end? Look at the next story to find out more!!

  • Mia Thompson