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P.E rocks

What could be better than playing sport and enjoying life? P.E is a great pastime because you get fit, coöperate and skills but it can be dangerous.

Firstly, P.E is an awesome pastime because you get fit. You get fit by playing different sports like football, soccer, baseball and many more.When you get fit it is very good for your heath because when you get heathy you get fit.

Secondly, you learn how to coöperate in P.E by  passing the ball in soccer, football or basketball. You need to now how to coöperate in P.E because if you want to score a goal you need to coöperate.

Another reason P.E is the best pastime in the world is because you can learn awesome skills by playing different sports like soccer or  tennis. If you want to develop better P.E skills you can play at lunch and recess with your friends.

In addition, P.E is a great pastime for anyone but, it can be dangerous. It can be dangerous because you could slip and get an injury like a broken arm or a broken leg. That could make you not do training or the real game.

In conclusion, while you can get injures in P.E it is still a great pastime for everyone. P.E has lots of advantages like you get fit, you learn how to coöperate with people and you learn cool skills.

  • Dhruv Munshi