Matthew Papa Ekow Afful Gyan’s Updates


Youth employment features high on the agenda of the Ghanaian government; yet many Ghanaian graduates are unemployed. This can partly be explained by the fact that many graduates expect to be employed by ‘someone’ than themselves. The persistence of this perception over the years has informed the decision to make entrepreneurship education compulsory for all polytechnic graduates in Ghana so that graduates can set up their own businesses after graduation. Like any other project, there is the need to assess the degree to which the entrepreneurship course offered at the polytechnics is accomplishing its objectives and justifying the resources committed to it. This is especially important as there has relatively been little research on the impacts of the course on polytechnic graduates in Ghana. It is hoped that this evaluation would help to internally document the course’s weaknesses and strengths and provide ongoing feedback on how the different components of the course are working together.