Luis Ernesto Paz Enrique’s Updates

Book: Editorial activity and socialization of science

A book of editorial topics that comes to fill all the empty space in this matter in light of new times in which, although the work of the editor remains the same, new tools to classify information and new ways to socialize the results emerge investigative
Result of a serious and thorough investigation, the author offers us a wide arsenal of valuable information. Divided into four chapters, specific topics are addressed, such as: the roles and social actors in the editorial processes, especially in the scientific communities, scientific journals with particular emphasis on the scientific article, the editorial processes in general, the determinants around the editorial processes and the socialization of science, the web, electronic journals and much more, of great interest to the specialized reader.
Let us therefore welcome the editorial activity and socialization of science a book that will help us to decipher the keys to the understanding of the current publishing science and that with certainty will lay the foundations to understand the future, in a world where every day the information has more value and immediacy.