Lauren Mark’s Updates

  • How do I upload images into scholar so that I can insert them? (especially screenshots)

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for this lame excuse of an update - I really just need a little help - and I wish scholar had something a little more informal looking than this for advice.  I'm technologically challenged, to put it mildly, and making our lates...More

  • does class size limit creativity?

    In Taiwan, most elementary, middle and high school students spend all day long in classes that range from 40-50 students per class, in local public and private schools. Given the limited space in classrooms where desks can only be arranged back...More

  • fostering teamwork

    At the risk of speaking too soon, my first day teaching 2nd grade was haven of an experience. I just started at a new private school, and the children who arrived on the first day were all considerate, well-trained, and eager to learn - in short...More

  • Is modern education fostering type A personalites?

    Does the modern educational system foster type A personalities in order to succeed within it? There have been arguments put forth before, by Susan Cain's "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," that the current educa...More

  • Child-Driven Education

    Thanks to Sheridan Brull, I learned of the educational scientist Sugata Mitra's amazing experimental work via his TED talk on 

    I was originally thinking about how to improv...More

  • Situated Learning

    James Paul Gee's research on situated learning reminded me of Richard Nisbett's intercultural research in his book, The Geography of Thought,, especially in the chapter, "The Social Origins of Mind...More