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  • Laura Nabors is a professor at the University of Cincinnati with interests in child health and mental health.



  • University of Cincinnati
    • School of Human Services; Health Education Program
    • Professor
    • September 2010 to Present

    I am a professor in the School of Human Services, holding an interdisciplinary position in the Health Education Program. I have over 20 years experience delivering children's health and mental health programs in the community, which is the basis of the virtual lightning talk I have proposed. I have over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals related to children's health and mental health. I have over 100 presentations at national conferences in this same area. In addition, I have taught courses and service experiences for students teaching young children in these skill areas for over 10 years. The wealth of practice knowledge and the experience I have delivering evidence-based treatments make me well-qualified to develop and present this virtual lightning talk


  • University of Memphis
    • PhD in Clinical Psychology
    • August 1989 to August 1993

    I hold a PhD in clinical psychology. I am a child psychologist specializing in child community health.