Deidja Ngabo Alain Constant’s Peers

  • Julia Ahlstedt

    Julia Ahlstedt

    Hi Julia from Stockholm, Sweden 25 years old female. Study at Red cross University and have a Bachelor in nursing. Did my exam in June 2015.

  • Lokesh Alahari

    Lokesh Alahari

    Working as Sub Regional Team Leader(SRTL) at Bangalore, India for WHO India-NPSP, supporting government in Immunization system strengthening

  • Catherine Anyadiegwu

    Catherine Anyadiegwu

    Hi, I'm Catherine, LGA Facilitator in World Health Organization in Nigeria. Excited to be here and to learn.

  • Dominique Boussard

    Dominique Boussard

    I am a nurse, part of the French Red Cross ERU BHC & Relief. Now Acting as a nurse in ICU in Geneva. Last mission in 2015.



    I'm Dr Gédéon UWIZEYIMANA. I'm clinician and I'm working at Burundian Red Cross

  • Heliette Garcia Fernandez

    Heliette Garcia Fernandez

    Relief ERU, French Red Cross.

  • Andres Linares Serrano

    Andres Linares Serrano

    I work as a management technician in the Emergency Department of the Red Cross in Murcia, Spain. I belong as a volunteer in ERU PSS

  • Samba Ndiaye

    Samba Ndiaye

    Responsable du bureau régionale du Programme élargi de vaccination ,de la surveillance épidémiologique dans la région de sédhiou au Sénégal

  • Emmanuel Ogum

    Emmanuel Ogum

    I am a public health physician working at the Obafemi Awolowo University teaching hospital, Nigeria. Interested in mainly Infectious disease

  • Romeo Pineda

    Romeo Pineda

    Occupational health and safety,nurse and remote area medic in Baghdad Iraq, Serco middle east company