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  • Designer with the capability to formulate and project artifacts that accompany the human live, building his temporality and become both his daily acts, from observation as an original and creative process; with capacities of independent work as a te.....More


  • SENA
    • Tecnoparque
    • Project Manager
    • June 2019 to Present

    Design, development and project management in the line of virtual technologies, creation of audiovisual products, digital and multimedia content.

  • SENA
    • Integral Professional Training
    • Digital Product Design Instructor
    • January 2016 to Present

    Instructor of training programs at Technologist level, for Multimedia production, Digital Animation and 3D Animation.

  • SENA
    • Integral Professional Training
    • Multimedia Design Instructor
    • April 2012 to December 2015

    Instructor of training programs in design for print media, design and multimedia integration.

  • Freelance Designer
    • Freelance
    • Designer
    • January 2012 to April 2012

    Design of graphic pieces, renders, logos and graphic and industrial design services in a freelance manner with own clients and referrals.

  • Visual D
    • Production Director
    • Designer
    • July 2011 to December 2011

    Coordinator of design and production, creative of POP material projects, for cosmetic lines. Development of material with technical and production information for suppliers.

  • Diestra Brands & Retail
    • Design
    • Designer and Creative
    • February 2010 to June 2011

    Creative of POP material projects, furniture, stands, and commercial spaces. Development of and production of advertising material for exhibition.

  • Mejora Vias
    • Capacitation Department
    • Instructor
    • January 2008 to January 2010

    Multimedia instructor in 3D projects, production of graphic media, management of computer design tools and instruction in mechanical and architectural drawings management.

  • Innercia S.A.
    • Production
    • Production Designer
    • August 2007 to August 2009

    Design, production and development of POP material, furniture, stands and advertising pieces for point of sale.

  • Group O&G
    • Design
    • Designer
    • May 2007 to June 2007

    Design and development of furniture for office, in metalworking process, POP material development, structures, supports and metal furniture for advertising exhibition.

  • Artesanías de Colombia S. A.
    • Design
    • Artisan Development Center Advisor
    • June 2006 to January 2007

    Development of products in the area of ​​furniture, accessories, production of technical pieces for production, production monitoring and advice from design to artisan through the SENA project.

  • Ingemuebles Cia y Ltda.
    • Design
    • Intern Designer
    • January 2005 to July 2005

    Furniture design, production follow-up, development of technical drawings and advertising pieces.

  • Capital Humano ONG
    • Creative
    • Creative Campaign "We count"
    • January 2004 to January 2005

    Design of advertising pieces and graphic support for campaigns aimed at people with disabilities and deafblindness, and joint work with Sense International, Disnnet Press and Ong Capital Humano.


  • National University of Colombia
    • Master's Degree in Design
    • August 2015 to September 2018

  • National university of Colombia
    • Industrial Designer
    • August 2001 to August 2006