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  • Professor in Faculty of Architecture, Chaing Mai THAILAND. Academic backgroup: PH.D in the field of Architecture from Kyoto Institute of Technology, JAPAN (2016) and 2 Master degrees; M.Eng (Kyoto Institute of Technology,2014) and M.Arch (Faculty of...More


  • Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University
    • Faculty of Architecture
    • Lecturer
    • November 2016 to Present

    Full-time lecturer and Constructor for Contemporary Architecture design studio

  • Weber Murphy Fox Office, Cleveland, OH
    • Architect
    • Architect
    • February 2009 to June 2009

    Architect and Designer


  • Kyoto Institute of Technology JAPAN
    • Ph.D,
    • October 2013 to September 2016

    Topic: Integrated Neighborhood Network between Urban Community and Condominiums in Nimmanhaemin – Santitham Area, Chiang Mai Thailand 1.1 Definition on research title Toward sustainable design, this research is academically dedicated for supporting new community design in terms of urban and residential unit. Creative city is referred as a core concept on this research. One of concerned theories is "Neighborhood Unit" which is crystallized from Clarence Perry's new urbanism study; the prevailing social and intellectual attitudes of the early 1990s. Regarding to research title, the definition of "Integrated neighborhood network" is to physically develop and socialize the relations between urban and residential scales. "Neighborhood" is implied from Perry's core concept which mainly organizes several physical designs for developed cities' urban area during 1990s. Theory has not well-applied with social-science thoughts and subjectively scopes communities just as urban scape. This research aims to integrate social-science analysis into "Neighborhood" conceptual design. These concerned theories are "Production of Space" and Spatial Practice which are alternative social-science conceptual methods to analyze characteristics of area and the relationship between social structure (strategy) and agency (tactic from residents). Then "Network" in the definition of "neighborhood network" is referred to the socio-relation between strategy and residents. So "Neighborhood network" in this research is an integrated new urbanism theory, the relation between urban community and residential building in terms of physical design and socio-relations.




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