Brian Clucken’s Updates

Writing the Body

You are now ready to begin completing the main body of your essay. Here is where your topic or subject is fully explained, argued, described or compared and contrasted. You’ll use the outline or diagram you created with the main ideas or points and facts that you wrote down to elaborate on each further. For example, if there were four main ideas (Roman numerals or circles) then there will be four paragraphs to your essay.

The body of each paragraph will have the same structure as follow:

Write the main idea down in complete sentence form. Make sure that the main idea from the Roman numeral or circle is a complete sentence and stated clearly.
Begin writing down the main supporting points of the main idea. These are the letters under the Roman numerals or the circles that came off the main point circles. Leave space on the lines below each point.
Add elaboration to each point that has been written down. Use supporting facts and statements you have gathered about the main point to add details and information to the point.
You can add a summary sentence to the end of the paragraph. However, many times this is not needed and can sound awkward, so be careful when adding a summary sentence. A better choice may be a sentence that leads to the next point instead.