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  • Community development experience-all social responsibility focused & deliberative democracy oriented. LSi Scholar Apprentice graduate.


  • I live in Sumter, South Carolina, United States of America. I retired July 2015 after 25 years with Clemson University as a Community Development County Agent working with vulnerable audiences and issues. I have volunteered with Kettering Foundation...More


  • Citizens Center for Public Life
    • Co-Founder and President
    • August 2014 to Present

    CCPL provides opportunities for citizen deliberative democracy - convenes and provides trainings for deliberative dialogue and supports individuals and communities complimentary community action endeavors. Parthers with the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) who provides issue guides used with deliberative forums. Also, I currently serve as a member of the NIFI board.

  • Clrmson University Cooperative Extension Service
    • Community Development County Agent - grants manager
    • May 1990 to July 2015

    Developed, implemented, trained, and assessed outcomes of programs to support children, youth and families at risk, and other vulnerable audiences. The main determinant of vulnerability was household low-income. Wrote and managed grants including working with campus accounting and research review officesonce the grants were awarded. During 2002 through 2012 I managed a program funded by the Department of Defense and separate branches of the military to support the children and families of military members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our South Carolina program focused on building the capacity of SC communities to support military families. I also worked on special projects focusing on prison and homeless populations, eliminating hunger and poverty, community leadership development, and deliberative democracy as well as other individual and community capacity building program areas. Partnering with Kettering Foundation I co-founded the Laboratory for Deliberative Dialogue. Retired July 30, 2015 but continue serving and a life-long member of an Extension Fraternity (Epsilon Sigma Phi - ESP) and currently on its the State and National Global Relations Committee.

  • Beer Wholesaler
    • Public Relations and Research
    • January 1985 to January 1989

    Designed and implemented social responsibility programs regarding responsible drinking and service of alcohol beverages, plus efforts to counter drinking and driving. Partnered with the local Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to implement an alcohol, drug and violence-free teen youth center. Also, helped DJJ implement a county-wide deliberative forum effort to assess the needs of at-risk youth.

  • US Air Force - Lakenheath & Mildenhall England
    • Numerous Moral, Welfare, & Recreation (MWR) positions and USAF Public Affairs Media Specialist
    • January 1981 to August 1984

    provided sports, recreation and life skills programming to American military youth. Editor of MWR event magazine to promote base-wide activities. In 1983 and 1984 I served as a media relations specialist for the USAF as the foriegn media first contact and a writer for the local USAF weekly newspaper. One assignment entailed helping the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) produce a documentary on the annual military air show.

  • 2017
    • 2018 present

    I am a graduate of the LSi Scholar Apprentice program


  • Clemson University - Institute for Family and Neighborhood Life
    • Certificate in International Family and Community Studies
    • 2006 to August 2012

    I attended part-time while working with Clemson. Eliminating hunger and extreme poverty was a project began durig my time in the IFNL program, as were numerous projects dealing with stregthening democracy.

  • University of Southern California - London England Branch
    • MA - International Relations with a Political Economy Speciality
    • 1982 to August 1985

    I attended half-time while working in England. Besides professors from USC, other professors were from Oxford, Cambridge, and the Londong School of Economics.

  • Rollins University
    • BS - Social Science with Honors
    • 1977 to December 1979

    Psychology, Sociology, and Environmental Science, held a work-study position at the Florida Solar Energy Center, and later worked as a grants program manager for the Florida Governor's Energy Office as a result of organizing the first US Energy Fair as a work study.