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  • Anthony Moore is the Founder of Paradigm Group Consultants, LLC, located in Philadelphia, PA. As the Principal and CEO of the management consulting firm, Anthony guides the change theory and consulting direction that Paradigm Group implements with i...More


  • Paradigm Group Consultants, LLC.
    • Leadership Team
    • Principal and CEO
    • July 2003 to Present

    As our name implies, paradigm group consultants, inc., is your catalyst for positive change and success in the workplace. We contribute to organizational and individual success by implementing comprehensive consulting and training approaches that assist with our clients with the achievement of their business goals. Our ability to define and implement key business strategies also assist our clients with achieving their mission critical activities. We approach our work by applying the highest possible standards of ethics, morality and competence. Founded in 1993, paradigm group consultants, maintains its headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, with a satellite office Central Michigan. We are a management consulting firm focused on improving the way organizations operate through strategic management consulting and success-oriented implementation. We specialize in organization, management, and personal development by employing intensive assessment and self-awareness processes. At the core of what makes our products and services work for our clients is our integrated, reality-based approach to consulting. Our real-world, time-tested methods allow our clients to fully understand and address issues that block their ability to achieve their full potential. We facilitate powerful, positive, organizational and individual change, which enables our clients to achieve breakthrough results in a minimal amount of time.


  • University of Pennsylvania
    • Wharton School of Business - Senior Fellows Program
    • June 2007 to Present

  • Temple University
    • B. A. Political Science
    • September 1972 to May 1976