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Unizin Unveiled

Image courtesy of Dabuosba1 / WikiMedia Commons

insidehighered.com | Article Link | by Carl Straumsheim

After weeks of rumors, Colorado State University, Indiana University, the University of Florida and the University of Michigan on Wednesday unveiled Unizin, a consortium aimed at “tipping the table in favor of the academy” on digital education.

On a website that went live just after midnight this morning, organizers described Unizin as a sort of one-stop shop for digital education, supporting “flipped classroom[s], online courses/degrees, badged experiences for alumni, or even MOOCs if desired.”

The website lists James L. Hilton, dean of libraries and vice provost for digital education and innovation at the University of Michigan, and Brad Wheeler, vice president for IT and CIO at Indiana University, as Unizin’s co-founders. Ahead of Unizin’s launch, the two penned an almost 2,000-word blog post that reads as a manifesto for faculty- and university-led efforts into digital education.

“Unizin is a means to ensure that members of the academy shape the future in ways that best serve the noble mission that is higher education,” Hilton and Wheeler write. “It is a beginning. Over the coming months and years, we look forward to working with faculty, students, staff, foundations, other universities, and all who treasure the power that education, in its many forms, has to transform lives.”