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Susan Fox-Wolfgramm – Winner of the International Award for Excellence for The Organization Studies Collection, Volume 16

The Organization Studies Research Network is pleased to announce the selection of “Towards Strategically Sustaining Business Students’ Careers in a Globalized Workplace: The Importance of Being Responsible and Accountable,” Susan Fox-Wolfgramm, as the winner ofthe International Award for Excellence for Volume 16 of the Organization Studies Collection.

This article was selected for the award from among the ten highest-ranked papers emerging from the peer-review process and according to the selection criteria outlined in the referee guidelines.

Dr. Susan Fox-Wolfgramm, Professor of Management at Hawaii Pacific University

In her words:

This article is written by a university professor who teaches at one of the most globalized universities in the United States.  Its purpose is to utilize all of the resources available to an instructor for his/her classroom, in order to enhance learning outcomes and students' career prospects in a globalized workplace.  A practical and useful approach is provided to readers, so that they can successfully implement it in their classrooms.

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Higher education needs are changing as business students enter an increasingly globalized workplace, where thought and practice is not routine, constant, or standardized. Classroom practices that incorporate self-leadership, relying on sustainable strategic management theory, including stakeholders pertinent to the higher education process, supports the importance of continuously being responsible and accountable in thought and action. This paper will introduce the changes taking place in society that are impacting current business students’ characteristics, reveals the increasing need for self-leadership training, and will introduce and use the strategic management process to suggest tested classroom ideas and practices that assist in strengthening and sustaining business students’ career progress in a globalized workplace. The implications of this paper are that students’ identities will be respected and be able to operate more confidently in handling the variability of their career progression in our changing society.