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How to Structure Your Company's IT to Achieve Business Goals

Image courtesy of Pixabay / Stux | Article Link | by James O'Brien

Leadership shapes companies, one decision at a time — and leaders are making crucial choices in increasingly significant ways when it comes to the information technology upon which their businesses rely and thrive.

A recent Dell survey helps tell the tale: 80% of business executives polled say they're turning their attention to IT issues — particularly those involving rapidly expanding data resources, the analysis necessary to grapple with them and the process of putting tools in place to leverage information in pursuit of new ideas and better performance.

They're making decisions that streamline back-end operations, augment employee collaboration and boost productivity in a number of ways.

Below, we take a closer look at the technology choices that business leaders are helping to steer as they work with IT to align new software and platforms with their companies' missions and goals.